ABC Flex

Credit card with
customisable features to
meet the needs of all.

  • 6x Reward Points on utilities, education, grocery & departmental stores

  • 4x Reward Points on online spends, 2x on offline spends

  • Exclusive offers on Swiggy, Zomato, Ola and many more

  • Unlimited 1% fuel surcharge waiver

  • & many more...

    Top-up your

    Activate additional features and
    deactivate as needed, from
    Aditya Birla Finance App.


    Available on ABC Flex and ABC Nxt.

    • Milestones

      Earn cashback on achieving
      spends milestone every

    • Category

      Earn cashback when you shop
      for categories of your choice.

    • Curated

      Get exciting memberships
      available only to our card

    • Airport lounge

      Avail lounge access as required.

    Steps to apply

    Own a credit card
    in just 4 steps.

    • Tell us about you

    • Tell us about your work
      and education

    • Set up your card

    • Verify your details

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    Aditya Birla Finance Limited, in partnership with AU Small Finance Bank, is offering 4 co-branded credit card variants for its customers - ABC Flex Credit Card, ABC Nxt Credit Card, ABC Pro Credit Card and ABC Biz Credit Card.

    Apply for credit cards through the link available on our website or download Aditya Birla Finance app from Play Store or App Store and proceed to apply for Aditya Birla Finance Co-branded Credit Cards. The entire process is a simple 4-step digital journey and takes less than 10 minutes.

    ABC Flex Credit Card and ABC Nxt Credit Card are lifetime free. However, you may choose features at a nominal fee to earn rewards, cashbacks and other varied benefits on your card. ABC Pro Credit Card has an annual fee of ₹999/- + taxes, which can be waived off, if you spend at least ₹1,50,000/- for that year. ABC Biz Credit Card has a monthly fee of ₹49/- + taxes, which can be waived off, if you spend at least ₹10,000/- for that month.

    All customers can customise features on their credit cards by opting for specially curated byte-sized products. Except in case of onboarding, all the features are valid for 90 days effective from the day they are activated. Each feature, however, will be designated as "auto-renewal" and will be renewed after 90 days. Customers can disable auto-renewal of any features that have already been selected by visiting Aditya Birla Finance app. Once disabled, the feature will not be renewed post 90 days of existing feature duration. Please note that these features can be availed on ABC Flex Credit Card and ABC Nxt Credit Card only.

    Manage your card using Aditya Birla Finance app for Pin generation, Transaction controls, Blocking of card, etc.

    Write to us at:

    For any queries on the card,

    Still have doubts? Email us and we will respond in 24 hours.